Welcome! Armor Artistry is the portfolio of John Robinson, featuring scale models of military vehicles. Links lead to large photographs that capture details and provide descriptive comments. Read about materials used, notable construction characteristics, and painting/weathering techniques. I hope you enjoy your stay and perhaps find inspiration for your own projects!

Finished Works - Sample Collection

Stridsvagen S103C

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8th Air Force FAC Jeep

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Soviet M4A2 Sherman

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Kettenkraftrad w/Feldkable

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M4 Sherman (1:48 scale)

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T-34 w/Interior (1:16 scale)

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Who Is John Robinson?

I'm a long-time modeler that rekindled my childhood hobby in 1992. I especially enjoy the craftsmanship of making my own parts and detailing with materials at hand. I also like to experiment with paint finishes and weathering techniques. I do not believe in secrets and freely share what I know so that others may find more enjoyment with each succeeding creation, just as I do.

Military Miniatures In Review Magazine

I was a regular contributor to this magazine from Ampersand Publishing for several years. I wrote complete buildup reviews and photographed the steps to the final product. Here are the subjects and the issue numbers:

  • Dragon Borgward IV b » 24
  • Tamiya FAC Jeep Conversion » 24
  • Commander's Series M103A2 » 27
  • Armo Neubaufahrzeug » 30
  • Model Victoria M36 Mototriciclo » 32
  • AFV Club LVTP5-A1 w/interior » 34
  • Eastern Express KV1 » 35
  • Tamiya GAZ 67 » 35
  • Plus Models Skoda 952 » 36
  • Dragon Kettenkraftrad with Feldkable » 37
  • Trumpeter 1:16 T-34 part 1 » 39
  • Dragon Panzer I Ausf. B vs. Italeri » 39
  • Trumpeter 1:16 T-34 part 2 » 40

Tamiya Model Magazine International

My first feature build for this magazine was a 1917 A7V Sturmpanzerwagen, appearing in issue 132.

Fine Scale Modeler Magazine

In their February 2003 issue I contributed an article describing how a scruffy winter whitewash can be depicted using pastel chalks. This results of this method can be seen on several subjects in the gallery section, namely the Soviet M4A2, KV-1, and T-34.


The Armor Modeling & Preservation Society (AMPS), is an international camaraderie of armor modelers and historians alike, and I have been a member since its beginnings in 1993. In 2009, I became the organization's Editor for their membership magazine, called Boresight. AMPS conducts an annual convention that attracts military modelers from all over the world that come to display their models and attend seminars.

I'm a founding member of AMPS Central Virginia, a local chapter formed in 1997 and located in and around Richmond, Virginia. I document the chapter's activities with a monthly newsletter, and occasionally provide demonstrations for the members. I created and now manage the chapter website.

IPMS Richmond is another chapter for modelers, but unlike AMPS, appeals to those with all interests, not just military vehicles. In the past I served as president, but lately I created their website and serve as webmaster for the chapter.

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